veneto-logo_medThe Veneto Regional Directorate for Forests and Mountain Economy was created within the regional administration when ordinary regions were established in Italy in early 70s. The Directorate is the competent autority for agriculture and forestry in Veneto. The basis for the regional policy in this field is the “Regional Forestry Act” which determines the sectors of activity and the basic rules of forest management in Veneto.

The following aspects are concerned by this act: hydrogeological protection with special attention to mountain areas, the protection and the development of forests and pasturelands, the fight against forest fire, the forest road network and others. From the organizational point of view the Directorate is organized in 4 Departments. One of those, the Forest Planning and Research Department, is competent for planning and forestry and carries out research activity in these fields as well. This structure will be dealing with the project.

More precisely, the activities of the “Servizio Pianificazione e Ricerca Forestale (SPRF)”may be summarized as follows: settlement plans, rearrangement plans, forest inventories, forest cartography, pedologic cartography, remote sensing, GFS and forest certification (PEFC standard), forest technology, forestry, etc.In the before-mentioned fields, the SPRF has published 58 scientific and technical publications in the last 20 years.