Mongiana (UTB)

Bosco di Mongiana

Bosco di Mongiana


Direct management of State forests Marchesale Biogenetic Reserve, Natura 2000 sites Area: 1257 ha Altitudinal range 750 – 1,170 m Forest types: beech, chestnut Main management type: high forest (beech), aged coppice (chestnut). Mixed beech-fir high forest (5%). From 2000 to 2009, silvicultural intervention were implemented over 108 ha.

Cropani Micone Natural Biogenetic Reserve Area: 237 ha Altitudinal range: 950 – 1,200 m Forest types: beech, chestnut.

Main management types: high forest (beech), aged coppice (chestnut). Silver fir is present. From 2005 to 2008, forest intervention over 38 ha. The State Natural Reserve of Cropani – Micone, ruled by Local Office for Biodiversity of Mongiana (UTB Mongiana), that is hierarchically dependent from Ispettorato Generale of Corpo Forestale dello Stato in Rome. Hence, the letter of support from the Head of Corpo Forestale dello Stato provide the maximum possible support to the project’s activities.

Boscarello State Forest Area: 60 ha Forest type: silver fir Main management type: high forest Silvicultural operations are planned for the near future