Tarvisio (UTB)

Friuli-Venezia Giulia Region, Province of Udine

Forest owned by “Fondo Edifici del Culto” of Ministry of Internal Affairs, under direct management by UTB-Tarvisio Area: 23362 ha, 15152 ha with forests Altitudinal range: 750 – 2750 m

Forest types: mixed forests of spruce, and beech (8.946 ha), subalpine spruce (1.263 ha). Main management type: high forest with close-to nature silviculture. Forests are treated with border-shelterwood or group-shelterwood (Femmelschlag) cuttings. Long history of forest management plans (1888). Growing stock: 280 m3/ha, increment 4.58 m3/ha/yr. Annual cuttings: 30.000 m3. The forest is partly included in Special Protection Zones (ZPS, 79/409/CEE) and in Sites of Community Importance (SIC, 92/43/CEE).