Vallombrosa (UTB)

Toscana Region, Province of Firenze

Direct management of State forests. Biogenetic reserve of Vallombrosa (Natura 2000), established in 1977 Area: 1279 ha (forest cover: 99%) Altitudinal range: 450 – 1.450 m

Forest types: pure fir forests (50%), beech in higher zones. In lower areas, calabrian pine (Pinus laricio), deciduous forests dominated by chestnut (Castanea sativa). Main management type: high forest. Forest management is carried on following the Management Plan 2006 – 2025 with the main objective of rinaturalise the today simplified forest stands. An area of 100 ha of pure fir is included in the “Silvomuseo” (silvicultural museum), where the traditional management of clear-cut and artificial regeneration is carried on. Average annual cuttings performed directly by UTB-Vallombrosa are 1500 m3, mainly of conifers.

UTB-Vallombrosa has a long tradition in dissemination of forest management culture and in raising awareness on forests among local population and students who come from all the Country.