The Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (National Research Council) is the major Italian public research institution. It is organized in eleven Departments and it includes 108 research institutes.

CNR National Research Council

CNR National Research Council

Two institutes are involved in the present project the Istituto di Biologia Agro-ambientale e Forestale (IBAF, Institute of Agro- environmental and Forest Biology) and the Istituto per i Sistemi Agricoli e Forestali del Mediterraneo (ISAFOM, Institute for Mediterranean Agriculture and Forest Systems). CNR-IBAF is the project coordinating beneficiary and operates the project.

CNR-IBAF carries out basic and applied researches in the field of plants and environment interactions. The applications of these studies concern the selection of resistant plants to environmental stress and climatic changes, but also plant systems for environmental mitigation and for the improvement of landscape (reduction of pollution, uptake of CO2, combat desertification, agroforestry and biomass production). The scientific mission of the CNR-IBAF Institute is to study the ecophysiological and adaptive mechanisms that control growth and development of the various agro-forestry plants, their reciprocal interactions at the intra- and inter-specific scale as well as their responses to the ensemble of environmental stresses including global change and pollution.

CNR-ISAFOM research activity is mainly devoted to relationship between soil plant and atmosphere, soil processes and erosion, forest ecology and silviculture, irrigation problems, hydrology. The topics are studied at local to landscape scales. The section located in Rende, dealing with forest ecology, hydrology and soil processes, will carry out activities within ManFor C.BD. CNR-ISAFOM has worked in the past in the site of Mongiana that will be included in the proposal.