Technical Manager

Dr. Bruno De Cinti (CNR-IBAF) is the technical manager of the project. The Technical Manager helps the Project Manager in project coordination, ensures proper information exchange among Associated Beneficiaries and has the responsibility of chairing the Actions’ Coordination group.

Dr. Bruno De Cinti

Dr. Bruno De Cinti

From 1994 to 1998 he holds several environmental education courses in primary and secondary schools. In 1999 grant holder and consultant at University of Tuscia, Department of Forest Environment and Resources (DISAFRI), working in forest ecophysiology. In May 1999 he takes part to the scientific expedition “Rara-Saipal 99” in the Karnaly area (central Himalaya).


From May 2000 to December 2004 he cooperates to issue 5 forest management plans. Graduated (summa cum laude) in 2001 in Forest Science at the University of Tuscia (Viterbo, Italy).

In September 2004 get a commission as tree-climber at University of Tuscia, Department of Forest Environment and Resources (DISAFRI), for sampling and processing operations.

PhD degree in Forest Ecology from the University of Tuscia in Viterbo (Italy) in 2005.

Between 2005 and 2007 he is a post-doc at Institute of Agro-Environmental and Forest Biology at the National Research Council (CNR) working on foliar nutrients in a National Forest Monitoring Program (CONECOFOR). Since 1999 he has been involved in two international research projects (FORCAST and MEFYQUE), dealing with biomass and productivity of European forest ecosystems through direct sampling funded within the European Union Framework Programmes for Research.




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